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House Plants For Your Mind & Body


Welcome to the Natural Wonders Series. Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring and uncovering the benefits of some of Mother Natures secret ingredients. In todays post we’re looking into the benefits of keeping house plants! You may not know that as well as looking beautiful in our homes, they actually have many positive effects on our health and wellbeing too.


Improved Air Quality

As humans we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite during photosynthesis. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making plants and people the perfect pair!

Our bodies appreciate oxygen and indoor plants are here to provide. Indoor plants are known to not only increase oxygen, but also to reduce harmful toxins in the home.


What toxins would be in my home?

Our homes contain all sorts of pollutants that you wouldn’t even dream about!

You may think that you don’t use a lot when it comes to chemicals, but when you actually add it all up, it’s a little scary. Kitchen bench, bathroom, toilet, shower, windows, floors, clothes washing, dish washing, air fresheners. And that’s just for cleaning! Don’t forget about candles, perfumes, hairsprays. All of these are just the beginning. You may not know that even our furnishings such as carpets, rugs, couches, paint and all sorts of other materials usually contain chemicals from construction, which can leech pollutants into the surrounding environment for months and sometimes even years after you’ve brought them into your home.

Depending on what you have, determines what chemicals can be present and the effect they have on your body. Adding an indoor plant to your décor can reduce the amount of these harsh compounds in the air by absorbing gases through the pores on the surface of their leaves. The bigger the leaves the better!


Are there any benefits for my health?

If ridding the air of common pollutants isn’t enough. Indoor plants also act as a natural air humidifier that can help us fight against colds, asthma and other health conditions such as high blood pressure!

What about my skin?

Pollutants and toxins in the air can also damage our skin. We all know the benefits of using great skincare, drinking plenty of water and eating nourishing foods. But did you know that air quality can affect the PH of your skin, as well as potentially causing inflammation which can influence conditions such and eczema, dermatitis, acne and many more.

Central heating and cooling systems can also leave our skin dry and dull (especially if your stuck in an office most of your day) Particular indoor plants can counteract this as they release water from the small pores on the leaves increasing moisture in the air which will in turn reduce the risk of our beloved skin drying out!



They can help us stress heads too! 

I think most of us can agree that being surrounded by greenery makes us feel at ease within our surroundings. There is a strong link between being close with nature and having a positive mental wellbeing. We understand this can be challenging at times with our busy lifestyles, working indoors and living in apartments/units. Plants give off a soothing, calming effect to our mind and bodies, which can reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate and reduce stress levels. Having an indoor plant is a simple way to lower stress and anxiety levels.


As if you needed another excuse to add to your indoor plant collection!


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