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The six months planning our new 'Bedtime Bliss' campaign has left me with plenty of time to think about my own routines and how it's evolved as I've grown.

The six months planning our new ‘Bedtime Bliss‘ campaign has left me with plenty of time to think about my own routines and how it’s evolved as I’ve grown.

Ever since I was quite young, I loved my half hour just before bed where I wound down. I took off the day and could do something for myself before nodding off and starting over again. Sure, when I was 6 my nightly routine involved having a story read to me and saying goodnight to my rabbits. But looking back now, there’s some things that have stuck so much so that I just wouldn’t feel right going to bed without doing them!

Why a bedtime routine…


Sleep is so much more important than most of us probably realize. When our sleeping patterns are under control, it is so much easier to move through our days with flow and energy. Preparing your body beforehand is crucial to getting a good nights rest.


Our shut eye is our bodies time to repair itself, inside and out. So a few tweaks to your bedtime rituals can allow your body to do so properly.


How much better does it feel to wake up with a clear mind? You took the time to slow down your mind and body before the end of the day to wake up to a fresh start.

How to hack your nightly rituals for the perfect regime…

There are so many small, and big rituals that you can start to use to bring tranquility and mindfulness to your evenings.


If you have time (and a tub!) try drawing a warm bath for a change. Soaking your body will soothe and relax your muscles from the day and allow you some time to check out of your responsibilities. Try a bath soak with salts and essential oils to really relax your mind and body.


I am guilty. And I have put this here on this list as a pledge to stick by this ritual. We do live such busy lives and it is so hard sometimes to put down that phone when you just have to respond to one last text message! But lets be honest here, how much better does it feel when we turn out the lights and the last thing we looked at wasn’t our social media accounts.


Meditation can be hard. I’ll admit I have tried and failed many times! But whenever I incorporate even five minutes into my nightly routine I find myself drifting off so much faster, and waking with a much clearer mind. Try just two minutes (set an alarm on your phone to stop yourself looking at the time) of focusing on your breath, and increase by one minute each day.


One thing that I can never go without is a cup of herbal tea before bed. Peppermint, lemon, ginger, you name it. There’s something about sipping a hot cup of tea in bed with a book that makes life seem so much better.


As you may know, I am a skincare addict from way back. And while teenage me had a VERY different approach to this, I still cannot go a night without applying my lotions and potions. Although my product selection changes from time to time, you can always be assured to find a little collection of bottles beside my bed that are filled with gorgeous smelling, luxurious, organic concoctions that my skin simply loves.

As you can probably tell by this list, my routine differs from night to night. This can depend on so many factors. But I do make sure that I attempt two or three of them every single night before shut eye. Your idea of the perfect bedtime ritual might look completely different to mine. If you’re struggling, make a big list of all the things that make up the perfect evening in your eyes. And pick at least two that you promise to stick to every single night. I’d love to hear them!


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