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The People Behind: Emma from Musq

'Keep it clean, kind & simple' - that's the motto of South Australia's Musq Cosmetics. We speak with Emma about how Musq was born and the mantra that drives their products

Can you give us a brief run down of how and why Musq came about?

Musq came about in 2007 by a great friend of mine and her mother. It came about with the need to give the consumer total transparency around what goes into our products empowering you to make more conscious choices for the health of your skin and the planet.

In 2013 I joined MUSQ and ended up taking it over solely in 2014. Since then MUSQ has been through rebranding and is now based in Adelaide, South Australia, where I work closely with my team to bring our ideas to life. We collaborate with leading pharmacists and cosmetic formulators to find the highest quality sourced ingredients, to create products that deliver real results.

Why was it important to you, when developing your range, that you excluded any nasty ingredients?

MUSQ is all about clean living and healthy skin. We believe that having beautiful skin shouldn’t be complicated, and are passionate about keeping our products simple, natural and ethical. It’s about choosing ingredients that are good for you and our planet, and avoiding those that aren’t.

What are the key active ingredients or principles in your range, and why did you choose them?

Created in Australia, Musq products are inspired and derived from the land we live on, and we try to include native Australian ingredients in our products whenever we can.

We also strongly are against testing on animals, because that’s gross. Our products are accredited by PETA, Choose Cruelty Free, and Truth in Labeling. They are also vegan and gluten-free.

We avoid using nasty chemicals, silicones, PEG’s, phthalates, nano particles, parabens, talc, fillers, carmine, bismuth oxychloride, mineral oils, or artificial colours.

Any favorites from your own range?

All of them! To hard to choose as they are all so personal. At the moment however with the cold weather and heaters on everywhere drying out my skin I am slightly addicted to our Replenish Serum for that extra hydration kick.

In what other ways do you try to live a toxin free life (apart from safe skin and haircare)?

At home we try to grow as much fruit and veg as possible. Everything from garlic and onions to watermelon and avocados. Where we can’t produce something I always purchase produce from small, local stores or markets where you can find out the producer (make sure its local).

As a busy business owner, how do you like to relax when (and if!) you find the time?

For me its just about relaxing at home with friends and family and cooking a delicious meal – A good laugh and I’m soon relaxed!

What’s your bedtime beauty/wellness routine? Any rituals that you swear by?

Its super simple! I cleanse with our gel cleanser, then follow with a light spritz of our rosewater facial mist. I find that the rosewater is soothing before bed. Then I apply our cream moisturiser with a drop.

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