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The People Behind: Meeka

A holiday in Europe between Husband & Wife ended up being the inspiration for Meeka Natural Sea Sponges. Meet Elena - co-founder of Meeka

Who is behind the wonderful brand, Meeka?

My husband and I both work hard together and have built Meeka to what it is today.

Can you give us a brief run down of how and why Meeka Sea Sponges came about?

Meeka was born while we were holidaying in Europe. We came across the sea sponges on the Greek Islands and thought that it would be a great idea to start distributing them throughout Australia.

What began to be a holiday ended up being a business trip!


Meeka has obviously had a lot of loving thought put into it which we can see in your new organic body range as well. What are the main principles behind your brand and product?

Using only natural and organic ingredients and keeping the toxic stuff out is a given, however it lies deeper then that. Our beautiful earth has has sooo many wonderful ingredients. We have spent hours upon hours researching the benefits of the ingredients we use to help benefit our overall health and well being.

What are the benefits of your natural sponges and how are they harvested?

Our natural sea sponges are quite amazing. They are so soft and luxurious, super absorbent and they are of course 100% natural – no chemicals no toxins.

The incredible bit is that they are hypoallergenic which means they don’t hold mould or odours naturally. Our sea sponges are harvested from the Mediterranean Sea under strict harvesting guidelines.

Each sponge is hand picked and the divers ensure they are cut at the stem, this enables the sponge to regrow bigger and stronger then before.

In what other ways do you try to live a toxin free life?

I cook with organic produce, this is very important to me as i feel there is a large percentage of foods out there that are filled with ingredients we should not be consuming. I have an alkalised water filtration system, i try to avoid tap water.

I make my own natural cleaning products to use around the house. I also have large himalayan salt lamps on all the time to help neutralise the electronic magnetic radiation emitted from the Tv and wifi.

As a busy business owner, how do you like to relax when (and if!) you find the time?

Ha! this is a good one. With a 2.5 year old its truly difficult, somehow you always find a way whether its a few hours or a couple of minutes. Beach is my favourite relaxing place and when i have the time i love to go to yoga class.

What’s your bedtime beauty/wellness routine? Do you have any rituals that you swear by?

This is my favourite part of the day because its the only ‘me’ time I get. In the shower I chose an aromatherapy body wash that will help me relax and unwind. Paired with our sea sponge it truly is a luxurious experience. If i feel like treating myself to a little extra pampering i massage Meekas hydrating body oil. Once all done there is nothing better then having a cup of organic chamomile & lavender tea.

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