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Back to Basics: Cleansing

How often should you cleanse your face? How do you do it? Do you even need to do it? Romy spills all.

I was reading an article this past weekend that insisted I cleanse morning AND evening. Like, every…single…day.

This article touted this one tip as being THE key to great skin.

That’s when I realised – I am a beauty therapist who talks about skincare, reads about skincare, writes about skincare, day in day out, and I only cleanse in the evening (I know. The shock! The horror!). So, why do I do this? Why don’t I follow one of the cardinal skincare rules? It comes down to one of my favourite sayings yet again, no two skins are the same.

The key to great skin – understanding your skin

I would like to declare what I believe is the actual key to having great skin. Get to know your epidermis and get to know it very well. I know mine well enough to know that if I was to cleanse morning and evening every single day, it would feel dry and stripped of its natural oils. For me, keeping cleansing to my night time routine leaves my face all glowy and dewy upon waking and I don’t want to ruin that by washing it!

I don’t know your skin. Maybe it needs that extra help in removing the build up of excess oils and dead skin cells. Trial and error! Find out what works for you.

Do you still need to cleanse if you don’t wear makeup?

One objection I hear a lot about cleansing – particularly in the natural beauty arena – is “I don’t wear makeup so I don’t need to use a cleanser”. This would be fine, if it were 1871. In 2016 sadly our world is absolutely writhing with pollution made up of chemicals that most of us haven’t even heard of.

At the end of your day at the very least, you need to use something gentle to wash that all off. You wash your body every day, so why not treat your face (arguably the body part that you’d like to preserve the most) to the same courtesy?

The rest of your skincare products will thank you for it

Plus, if you’re using a whole bunch of lovely moisturisers or serums or eye creams, they are going to be SO much more effective if you’re cleansing first. You’re creating a fresh canvas for all of these products to go on and work their magic. It’s almost wasteful if you don’t.

What type of cleanser should you use?

Head to this article to sort out your skin type.

Whatever you use, make sure its nice and gentle and full of beautiful ingredients that will nourish your pretty face. And that its will rinse easily and thoroughly so as not to leave any residue that could potentially build up.

How do you use cleansers

I like to make cleansing as easy as possible by doing so in my evening shower. Most products will come with their own instructions, but usually they work much like washing your hands. Apply product to wet skin, massage over the face and rinse. Sometimes – especially if you’re a wearer of heavy makeup or had a hard days work exposed to the elements – you may want to cleanse twice to make sure you remove all residue.

Tip: Don’t just keep all the benefits of cleansing to your face, extend the love down to your décolletage, another area that is prone to the signs of ageing and mistreatment that often gets neglected. In fact this rule holds true for all of your facial products!



“Oh, so that’s it?” Yep! That’s it. Experiment a little to see how often your skin likes to be cleansed. For me, I like a ‘less is more’ approach. In my opinion, as long as you’re doing your duty of sending your skin off to bed clean and happy, anything more is a bonus and a personal preference. But I can’t say it enough – no two skins are the same, so make your own rules.

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